One of the best birthdays ever!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

IMG_2682I woke up this morning and I gave my mama a birthday hug. We had a delicious brekky and headed off for Versailles. We got on a train from Hotel de Ville and then had to swap trains and get on a big double decker train and head off to Versailles. It took about an hour to get there but didn’t feel like an hour. We got to Versailles and then bought some tickets and were allowed to go around the gardens as long as we liked. The garden was absolutely incredible – it was so big! There was very loud classical orchestral music coming out of the trees – who knew that trees could play instruments! I couldn’t stop thinking about how amazing the garden was but we kept walking and found a cafe and bought hot chocolate, coffee and baguettes for lunch – but saved the baguettes for lunchtime. We wandered down towards the lake and had a little walk around to see if we wanted to sit by the lake, go on a boat or hire a bike. In the end we rowed a boat. Freda and Ian are Zola’s grandparents and they were on a boat by themselves. Zola, Nadine, mama and I were on a boat together and Zola and I were doing the funniest sounds whilst we were rowing together. Rowwww. We stayed on the boat for half an hour, and after half an hour of rowing, talking, chatting and giggling, we took the boat back and sat down to have lunch on steps on the edge of the lake. Some ducks swam by and they looked hungry as they were eating reeds, so we fed them some bread and they liked that. Then a BIG fish came along. The fish was eating a large piece of bread my mum threw in the water but the ducks hadn’t got it yet. We waited a little while and then another fish came along and we all asked where the big fish was and soon the ginormous fish came back. Wandering back through the gardens was amazing – we saw a tree that was completely made of bronze, and looked so real. It looked like it was painted gold, but it was bronze. All the statues were incredible – it must be so hard to carve the stone. We walked a little bit more around the gardens and caught the train home. Everyone was very tired. Mama and I got off at a stop earlier than everyone else and went back to Galleries Lafayette for my birthday – we got a pair of bathers each and some presents.

When the shopping was all over we went back to the hotel and mama said to me ‘I think Nadine wants us to visit their hotel room’ and so we went up there, knocked on the door, and we went in and everyone said ‘surprise’. There was fancy cheese and bread, raspberry and pistachio cake, and other delicious things. The candles said ‘Happy Birthday’ in French. I had no idea this was going to happen. Thank you very much for the party Ezards – I had no idea! We all had some delicious food and then it was time to get ready for bed. Zola and I had a bath together and then brushed teeth, got into pj’s and I headed back to our room. I watched a couple of video’s and then started this post. It has been one of the best birthdays ever – what a fantastic day we had. ImageImage


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