Our last day in Paris !!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Our last day in Paris – written by mama whilst talking to me whilst I was waking up!

We won’t tell anyone about our repeat trip to Versailles to find some hiding passports SO after that 3.5 hours of travel back and forth (at least the sun was out today) ImageImagewe were hungry and thirsty: Bofinger Restaurant for lunch on Rue de Bastille with the Ezards – big lunch and lots of surprising conversations – the lady sitting next table worked at the Research Office at University of Melbourne – how amazing. Lara had Parmasan shortbread with capsicum, rocket, pesto and prosciutto, followed by Islande Flotante – a floating island of custard, caramel and roasted almonds and fluffy pavlova inside. Mama had a soup of crab and tomato coulis, an oyster prepared by Ian so it could be slurped elegantly (OMG – never had such amazing preparation), lobster with avocado and lime, and the dessert degustation of crème caramel, strawberry coulis, and two other insanely rich things.

We walked back through the Marais which was packed with people as it is one of the only places in Paris that has shops open on a Sunday and it was beautiful warm (but humid) weather. We had a relax of the tummies back at the hotel and tried to cool down, packed up for the last time in Paris (boy the suitcases are full!), checked out and headed to Gare de Lyon to catch the train to Venice. We had heard so many good things about Le Train Bleu, a fabulous old elegant restaurant at the station, and were tempted but our suitcases were too heavy to lug up the enormous amount of stairs, so we had a really lovely meal of Bufallo Mozarella, tomato salsa and Panini at the café downstairs.

We then boarded our train – carriage 95, seats 25 and 21, and thought we were going to be in a female only carriage but we were in with a man from Camaroon and one from Egypt. They kindly organized to sleep in the two beds up top and we had the downstairs ones closer together. The train trip was 13 and a half hours, and I had a really good sleep, waking up to the lakes near Como, then stopping at Milano Centrale, Verona and onto Venice. And in Venice it is hot!



One thought on “Our last day in Paris !!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  1. Lara. If you hadn’t mentioned the passports incident, we would never have known, and would never have made comment – but now that you have, we can only sympathise with the stress and inconvenience. I seem to remember, not that you have raised the matter, another time . . which I am sure your mother would prefer to forget – involving passports, being misplaced or forgotten. However, . . . moving on, and you are certainly moving on, – farewell Paris, and Hello Venice. A long train trip for you, but wonderful experience. On another topic – I don’t normally watch a program called The Voice, but it was the Final tonight, and chaps came first and second, with moving performances, and moving stories. One young fellow had a speech stutter, which he overcame when he sang, and the other had experienced depression, but music had helped him so much. Not exactly St.Marks in Venice, but quite moving Enjoy the remaining few days. Dave and family are now safely in England – the trip to Tullamarine was, as on other occasions, not without excitement. Love, your grandpa.

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