We got to venus (Venice) !!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Today it was very hot here and it got up to 31 degrees celsius and I heard that it was 13 degrees in Melbourne. Everyone was very hot today.

We started of the day very tired and waking up very early. Mama and I got dressed and then went down for breakfast. I thought that because we were in Italy it would be a fantastic breakfast but on the table there was cheese burgers, chocolate cake and french toast from a packet. There were some things that were more breakfast like, like hard boiled eggs and fruit and cereal. we left breakfast and then hopped on a water bus and then headed off to the Venice Biennale. we got off the boat and then walked in but we thought that you could just go straight in but then we saw 5 little but slow queues. we got in number 3 (which I was very happy about because my favourite number is 3) and we were waiting in line for about an hour but in the end it was worth it. when we were in the queue we met some people from Brisbane (which is Australia!) so we talked a little bit and I kept asking the older lady if she like some kinds of foods that I liked. I was surprised that she did not like plums or plumcots. If you are wondering what plumcots are they are a fruit that is half plum half apricot.

we finally got at the front of the line then bought a ticket and walked into the Venus Biennale.

first we went to Switzerland and then England and England was amazing and I mean AMAZING!!!! We learnt about the rare English/Scottish bird that was called the hen harrier (circus cyaneus ) one of the rarest birds in the world. we headed off to france and saw a video of the left handed Unravel (Ravel’s left handed concerto).

More soon xxxx


One thought on “We got to venus (Venice) !!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

  1. Glad to see you found some ger-lish-us ger-lat-ee to make up for the boring breakfast.
    I’m sure the Unravel was fabulous! (go left handers!!)

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