Mona Lisa’s friend Lara turns 10 tomorrow!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

So today we had a lot of fun. We got up this morning and I had to go and pick up Zola from her dad, Leo. We got Zola back and then we all had breakfast. Breakfast was delicious as always. After breakfast Nadine went to her meeting and me, mama and Zola went to the Louvre. It was a long walk but was ok in the end because it was really worth it. It usually takes about 2-3 hours to get into the Louvre, but it took us under 5 minutes so it was really fast and we were all amazed. We got down and got a ticket for mama cos children were free and we were free to run. First we went to see the Rubens room. Ruben was a famous painter who liked painting fat naked ladies and men. The Rubens room was different and unusual and I’d never seen anything like it before. He seemed to like naked people (see paintings in the photos). We looked around the whole Rubens room and then went on to see Napoleon’s Apartment, which was not any regular apartment, it was a enormous apartment, sort of like a palace. He had the most amazing bedroom, chandeliers, and the most fabulous princess tiara’s and most incredible windows. There was a lot of gold. Napoleon was an emperor of France, and married Josephine (I think). We moved on to lunch, and went around the art gallery and looked at more paintings on the way to the Mona Lisa. We saw lots of other beautiful coloured paintings. We finally got to the Mona Lisa and there was a big crowd but I managed to get a photo. The Mona Lisa is famous for her eyes because wherever you go her eyes will follow you. It was a painting painted by Leonardo di Vinci. In the art gallery we also saw sculpures as well – in particular a very famous sculpture with wings but no head and no arms. We saw many other sculptures then moved outside for some fresh air after being inside for 3 hours, so it was nice to get outside. We sat down by the pond and laughing. The water was cold but temperature outside was not. We got some postcards of a painting I liked and the Louvre at nightime with the Eiffel Tower and Louvre lit up in different colours. The big pyramid is surrounded by many other pyramid – the base was square. 

We started walking back, very tired, but got back and had a nice rest. Zola and I watched half a movie and mama had a little sleep. Ian and Freda arrived and we had a chat and went up to their room and had some cherries. The cherries were delicious. 

Tonight we had dinner at a restaurant that was called Le Coude Fou. Dinner was delicious but I wasn’t feeling too well with a tummy pain, but after a while I felt better. I had some dinner and Nadine and I had some funny conversations and then everyone else joined in which was fun. Then back at the hotel everyone was very tired and we planned to meet at 8 for a birthday trip to the Palace de Versailles! Tomorrow is my birthday and the last time I’ll go to bed 9. its sad and happy at the same time. Seeeeeya 🙂ImageImageImageImageImage

Having fun in Krems

So today was sort of a worky day for mama and a really fun day for me. I got up this morning and we were quite rushed and went down to breakfast and the breakfast was AMAZING! We had a chat at breakfast time and went back to our room to get ready for mama’s conference.


I didn’t go to the conference. I got this lovely girl called Isabelle to babysit me and it was sooooo fun. Isabelle works for Gerald who leads the research unit which is running the conference. She was babysitting me today but is only 19 and hasn’t started university. She will start university in September in Vienna, doing nutrition sciences. When she was 15 she went to Costa Rica for a whole year living with a family and learnt Spanish.


We went to a café in the morning after a walk in the park then we went back to the park and had a nice walk around, and sat down near a fountain. We kept on walking and Isabelle said ‘Do you want to go and see this street of shops?’. So we did but we didn’t buy anything. We went into a chemist and tried on some funny glasses (see a photo of me and Isabelle). We started to walk back to the conference room and we still had some spare time when we got back so we did some colouring and played ‘Make it n break it’ which is a game where you get a card and build it with blocks, and see how many you can do under 2 minutes. We played that for a while and then it was time for lunch so we went downstairs and lined up in the queue for some Austrian food. I had pasta, mashed potato, and some roasted vegetables; for desert there was cream, strawberries and strudel – I liked the strudel the most. After lunch was over everyone went back to the conference, and Isabelle and I went back to the park.


AT the end of the day we met mama at the end of the conference and hopped on a bus to go to the top of the hill to a monastery, where monks still live, but there are only 20 of them left. The dinner was AMAZING! I had some trout, a capsicum with some sort of cheese inside it, a white cabbage salad that was delicious, some bread, some potatoes and some ham. For desert I had a strudel, strawberries and knudel with apricot sauce on top. I met some lovely people and had a chat with them, and then met this woman who tried to get me to act. I finally came up with an act of a sloth! The sun was going down and then everyone got back on the bus after a lovely evening. We got off and went back to our hotel and went to sleep. What a wonderful day we had (mama had fun at her conference, I had fun with Isabelle).  Night night everyone xx ImageImageImageImageImageImage

Today was quite different!!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :)

Today was quite different to the other days because we had to get up early to pack our bags to go to Vienna. we checked out and got into the taxi to go to the airport but the taxi driver did not take credit card so we had to stop off at a bank to get some money. Finally everything calmed down and we were off to the air port. we got checked in and next were on the plane to Austria. It was two hours to get to Vienna but we finally got there. we got our luggage and then saw our taxi driver and a new friend. we got to Krems which is close to Vienna which is in Austria. 1 hour passed and we were at the hotel. we got checked in and then got some very late Austrian lunch. I discovered some new foods and then we went up to our room and got settled in. the hotel has a pool so we went straight in. I was wearing a new pair of bathers that I got from Galleries Lafayete in Paris. we went to the out door pool first and had a swim but only I got in because it was only 23 degrees Celsius and mama does not like cold water. we then went to the indoor pool that was much warmer. we had a  nice swim then went back to the room and got ready for dinner at a restaurant that we were invited to by the man that mama was doing a conference with tomorrow, or today for the people in Australia. Mama went down stairs and the people who were taking us out for dinner were waiting in the foyer for us. we got to the restaurant….

To be continued in the morning as it’s time for bed:)